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Poetry and Art


A silent shore, seductive Moon, a sinister Sea, clouds in the wind, a shadow lies upon the white sand alone.

Stilled on the sparkling crystals, almost villainous, primeval and water worn with broken sides.

Once imperturbable, aloft upon white shafts of waves, beautiful and bold, now ancient and vacant.

The old sailing ship finds its burial ground upon a deserted island in the mist of morning.


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Really… a Rich Husband?


I do not mean to be disrespectful because of this individual’s age; nonetheless, as an “older” woman, I am ashamed of Phyllis Schlafly’s thought process on “women”.

When the gender pay gap surfaced as a political issue most Republicans simply did not want to discuss the gap, i.e. they kept their mouths shut!  Not so, for conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, her statement “The best way to improve economic prospects for women is to improve job prospects for the men in their lives”.  I believe in layman terms that means “Find yourselves a rich husband”.

With this type of rhetoric, Phyllis Schlafly seems to forget about the women who simply do not want to get married, or the same-sex marriages, I call this sort of thinking taking  steps backwards not forward to solve the pay gap most work places tend to ignore.   Finally yet importantly to be noted…her suggested solution is that a heterosexual marriage, no divorced people (forget about the situation these women may live in), should be the definitive goal for working women.

Where does a person of her age come up with such thinking, she was born when the rule of the land was women stay home, stay pregnant, stay silent and do not think beyond the kitchen stove!  I worked all my life making thousands of dollars less than my male counterpart did, as for my “bosses”, when I presented an idea that would benefit the workplace, they listen then allowed enough time to pass before they came back with the same suggestions and were paid bonuses for my ideas and/or designs.   Until you have worked under these conditions, one must not oppose the basic right for all women to have equal pay for equal work.

Ann Johnson-Murphree


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Crazy Old Lady

Once all satin and lace in the right places, boldness and bravery you possessed, your honor others did not protect.  Shunned by piety, sought by sinners, the road to hell paved by the winners.  Below the towering trees, you sleep snug and tight, to have a house of brick and stone you had no right.  Now body plump, hair gray, wrinkled dress, time has left the lady of the streets frayed.  Children sneak and try to spy, your mind gone before your body to the great by-and-by.  Now an old lady you toss your head, remember your beauty, your wicked deeds, speed of time is not on your side and you will grow older and older before you reach the great by-and-by.  In you, ourselves we see, overlooking our own blundering notions, jealous of your freedom to do as you wish with such devotion.  Your life in words cannot be described, and least we forget…we will all be judged together in the great by-and-by.

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The Streets of Wickedness


Harlots cry into the night meandering

through the streets, necessity of their

wails, they are that they are hungry and

must eat!  Every night and every morning

they peddle their wares, misery is their lives

as there is no one to care.   The winner is

the one who bought their wares and now

believe that they own their souls; the losers

who could not pay leave cursing their hearts

cold, and many times the Harlots crying ends

with a ride in the undertaker’s hearse.




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A slideshow of artwork…



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ALO – Medicine Man




Mythological Medicine Man

24 X24 Acrylic

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Welcome to Libretto

Libretto will contain expressions of art and words brought together to form the ideas, writings and daily thoughts. 

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