Cooper Harris…

Funeral service for Cooper Harris at the University Church of Christ on Saturday, June 28, 2014, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Cooper Harris, 22 months old, died in Georgia on June 18 after he was left in his fathers’ SUV for seven hours.

I could not let this pass without making a statement in regards to the irresponsibility of this individual. I have no problem in saying that this person should be charged with the death of this child.

The only time I leave my dog in the car is when I get out to get gas, if I have to go away from the vehicle, I leave him in the safety of his home. I raised my children with their safety in mind. I lived in an era where seatbelts were not in the design of new cars. When they first were offered one had to purchase them as an option, which I did!

I lost a daughter when she became an adult from a stroke…life is precious, I mourn for the family of this child. Alabama is my home state and leaving a child in the car for seven hour is outrageous. I pray that his ignorance will be forgiven but not forgotten.




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2 responses to “Cooper Harris…

  1. You are right! I am so sorry you have experienced such pain, losing a daughter. I can’t even imagine. Life is so fragile!
    Your site is very moving. Glad we connected.
    I noticed that you “LIKED” my link to my friends’s post on Gravatars but your Gravatar still does not have your blog’s address on it.
    I feel that your blog is sooo good and that more people would be finding you if you would take the time to just attach your link to your face. When people click on your Gravatar (your picture of you) they should be able to pull up your blog. They can’t now. That is what that Gravatar post was about. Not sure you read it? Just trying to help get more traffic to ya. It doesn’t cost a thing but a few minutes. I am not sure why wordpress doesn’t make it more clear when you create your blog. Whenever I really like a blog and see that they are missing that. I try to encourage them to add it. I know that it changed the activity on my blog a lot. 😉


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