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Ann 6.8.2014

Ann Johnson-Murphree

Libretto will now become my only blogging site, however I am not shutting down my poetry site it will continue to be a promotional site for my poetry books at Amazon.com. It is time to move away from poetry into several stories portraying an accounting of life and a fictional novella. Libretto will also have posting on thoughts in general. However, the poetry will continue to live at:


All of the poems were created from tiny fabrics of my life. They characterized the thoughts of innocence sold into a false world of adoration. Living in silence, and believing that God did not keep this innocence from living with an earthly hell. In our youth we believe that death will be a long way off and life was only in the now.

How would one ever know that ahead lay sacrifice, pain and suffering? Life should be fruitful; the human life produces scenes of public, private distress and anger springs forth with hate and blood. Mortally leading to the mysterious world of knowing the fist is not love, it is the slaughter of innocence.

Innocence institutionalized because of spousal disobedience, failing to comply with and act upon the orders of a controller… the answer asylum. Reality embedded within the soul of innocence, no future, no meaning to life. Innocence in truth wants and dreams of death; these are the true aspirations of the abused.

I published the Ann Johnson-Murphree Poetry Books – the Collections of Exposé Poetry are coffee table books. Within each book the reader will find soul poetry. The poems are filled with my thoughts and hopefully inspiring and reassuring words with a factual viewpoint on the many experiences in my life. Each poem serves as a prevailing reminder that life is complex.

That happiness is in our hands alone; that the fear of unhappiness is deep-rooted in the spirit and soul. That depression and despair is real and each individual must find the freedom of mind, body and soul to move forward in their life. Each poem has been created from what I call my “patchwork life”.  Complex, stress-filled, finding enlightenment and cultivating wisdom throughout the years. The collection of thoughts that created the poetry hopefully brings the reader along on the multifaceted journey of a lifetime of experiences.

Thank you for your support and I hope you will continue to follow my postings on “Libretto

My poetry Books are at Amazon.com






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12 responses to “Turning the Page…

  1. I love the name of this blog, Ann. It evokes words and music together, movement, and a driving force. Lovely!


  2. brilliant page title Ann. Good luck in your new direction

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  3. Good luck i this endeavor. I am reading my 4th book in Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles series.

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  4. Good to see you here, and, yes, I’m following you here! 😃

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  5. Your blog sounds interesting. Thanks for following mine.


  6. Hi Ann ,beautiful article,impressive achievement .Wishing more success.Thank you for following my blog.JMS

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