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Kindle – A Sachet of Poetry is currently offered “free” at


These poems characterize the thoughts of innocence sold into a false world of adoration. Living in silence, God did not keep this innocence from hell, and death would be a long way off and life was between the now and then.






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  1. Reblogged this on omaimae and commented:
    Thanks for the news about the free kindle edition of the “A Sachet of Poetry on Adoration- Anger- Asylums- Aspiration” which is available for free on Amazon. Though I could not download the book, with the very tempting title! Since I love poetry I could not wait until I go to Amazon webpage and guess what? It is not available for readers in my location: Africa! What a disappointment, any one has another link to this edition or any other one? If there is not, it is Ok, I used to these kind of “news”. I just thought you might like to have this news shared with you! any way please do not feel bad, I am not angry and bear no bad feelings. actually I started to smile now, and I find it really REALY funny!
    how do you see it?


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