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Spend wisely the

Currency known as passion

For there are

No snips to be had

You get what you pay for

With affairs of the heart

Too rare to be

At the mercy of

Greedy traders

Pulling strings

Force feeding or

Bloodletting of

Precious metals

Commodities and

Foreign Exchange

Tawdry things them all

There is no requirement

For the currency of passion

Hard or soft

In any financial

Market place

To her cost and

Insecure, she went

Out of her way

To be noticed

Best she could anyhow

He, the target of her fascination

One immune to allusion

In the privacy of a single room

She spat feathers at her folly

Spat feathers habitually


To his impairment

A man blind to anything

That was not a conclusion

A man easily noticed yet

Unaware that this was so

They neither spoke nor touched

Nor even properly met

Destitute his vision

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