Bio: I am an individual that has experience life with nothing more than “minimal creature comforts”. Born into a motherless life, making my way to adult situation that was habitually harmful, within that realm of ambiguity I created five beautiful children, three of whom God has allowed me to keep close to me, two he has taken away from me. I reached an age where there were more years behind me than ahead of me. With that thought, I moved out of a life that I had become accustomed, jumping feet first into a world where I believed that I could survive, bringing with me my most important treasures, my children. Years go by quickly and I made the decision to “dream” and “live” these last years as the person I wanted to be, a writer. Good or bad…I had something to say, my life and my experiences would be my subjects, and I learned the term “faction”. Welcome to my world. ajm

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  1. I believe it’s never too late to follow your dreams or rock the status quo! Being a late starter on the roller coaster of living as trueself I have to believe that

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  2. A heart-gripping About page. It is never too late. It can’t be.


  3. We’re never too old or too late to start something new. Perhaps it was never intended that neither of us write until we were older. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog. Here’s hoping we can spur each other along in this writing life.


  4. Thank you so much for the like and the follow, Ann. I have done everything in my life later than others, and so of course I believe it’s never too late to dream and write. I’m certainly still doing it. [And I bet I’m older than you are! 🙂 ] Much good luck with your relatively new blog and your writing!


  5. hello i came by to thank you for the likes.. It is good to hear what others feel about your work. I know I have commented often on the like system of feed back, but I thought maybe it would evolve into multiple choice response type of thing . Giving the writer more info to their write.. maybe drawing some attention to what was liked. At any rate I do thank you for your comment “WHY” was something totally new for me. And I must admit a little hard to write. an ice breaker. there is something liberating about breaking through that outer shell of emotion.although it can be a bit painful.

    Anyway, I also took the liberty in looking about your site. I have enjoyed the read and as time permits will return and read more. I thank you again for your comment.nick


    • Thank you Nick for the comment…yes you are right and I usually make a valid comment however this has been a busy week so I used my time to try to reconnect with those that I followed, and I begin following your site over a year ago. Take care and thank you for the visit. I have put to bed the Confessional site and now just have Libretto. Have a good day. ajm


      • wow one year ago… i thought you were familiar, but i didn’t know where.I could manage my follows much better.staying in touch needs to be a priority. I don’t have a multitude of followers, but there are more than i can communicate with daily. or as often as i would like. any helpful tip will be great.


        • I try to keep up with those who quit liking, or following and about every six months check to see if they are still blogging. I have over 2000 followers, but I try to keep up with them, no secret just “work”. Thanks for checking in have a great weekend. ajm


  6. Good morning Ann. Thank you so much for visiting my latest post. I’m proud to have you following my vision of poets blog and after this visit, I will be following yours as well. Thank you for introducing me to you through your amazing about page. I look forward to reading all that you share with us.


  7. Ann, congratulations on your published works! I’ll have to come back and do a feature sometime. Glad I found you (through The Art of Following a Blog)


  8. june h.

    thanks so much for following! And I was really moved while reading your bio. I’m so glad that you’ve begun pursuing your dream. And the things you experienced in life, I’m sure, has given that much more depth to your writing. I look forward to reading your writing!


    • Thank you June and I as well will enjoy visiting your site often. I am currently working on a autobio of my daughter who passed away in 2010. Her life with bipolar, emotional challenges, and the early deterioration of her body. A combination of some of my married life and her total life. All of my books reflects my life and yes…I am grateful for my life too. Thank you much. Ann

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  9. Hello Ann,

    You have a wonderful and inspiring site here. I am having a great time reading and poking around.

    I bow to you for taking the leap into your dream! After all, what is a dream but another reality we haven’t yet awakened to? – Stephen.


    • Thank you Stephen, I am enjoying those “Golden” years as much as possible. I did create five books of poetry and then that well did not go dry but I had several fiction based on fact and an autobio of one of my daughters who died in 2010. I have many irons in that fire of life. Hope to see you again. Ann


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  11. You have a very interesting Bio, and your blog is very addicting…I will be visiting often 🙂


  12. Thank you for the follow. I look forward to perusing your blog. There are many of us out there reassessing our lives and moving in new directions! Cheers!


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